Building Permit

Document issued by City and County certifying that design and the ensuing construction meet all required building codes, setbacks, easements etc.

Permit Router

A person in the business of submitting and guiding a project through the permit process by taking the application and the drawing package that accompanies it to each department required to review and sign off on the application.

Closed Permit

A building permit where the all the assigned inspectors have signed off on the construction work.

Contractor’s Statement

Page 3 of the Building Permit Application on which contractors identify themselves and the phases of they will be performing.

Open Permit

A building permit that has been issued by the Building Department. All of the construction work or portions thereof still require inspection and inspector’s signature.

Plans Examiner

Building Department staff member who reviews drawings submitted with building permit applications.

Permit Ready to Issue

Building Permit Application that has passed the review process and received all required signatures. The clerk will print up a permit upon receipt of a signed Contractor’s Statement and payment of the required permit fee.

After the fact building permits

Illegal construction done without a building permit can be permitted if the following criteria are met: plans are drawn which meet current code requirements, a general contractor agrees to sign the contractor’s statement, and call the inspectors and make any corrections they require.