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Buying a home? Our Permit-Check Up Inspection identifies illegal home renovations, permit and tax record discrepancies, code violations, and more. Instead of you dealing with the hassles, let us help you.
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Pull permits from the Building Department
Property Inspection
Examine & compare records to our property evaluation
Services by licensed General Contractors.

Aloha and Welcome to Permit-Check Hawaii

Permit-Check's licensed General Contractors / Architectural Design professionals do more than pull permits. They personally visit your property and research the major components, identify nonconforming issues or discrepancies that will help prevent lending or insurance coverage issues.

How it Works / FAQS

What is the purpose of a Permit-Check Up Inspection and why should I order a Permit-Check Up Inspection? Who may purchase a Permit-Che...

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How can Permit-Check help my clients?  A Permit Check-Up Inspection is an comprehensive report. That deals with more than just the basic ho...

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Buying a house??? Know before you buy!!! You can have the “House Facts”  With a Permit–Check Up Inspection! A Permit-Check Up Insp...

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