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What is the purpose of a Permit-Check Up Inspection and why should I order a Permit-Check Up Inspection?
Purchasing a Permit- Check Up Inspection will certify that the major components of a property are permitted and will therefore allow for the normal sale of a property without incurring lending issues or insurance coverage issues due to faulty collateral. If things are found to be non-conforming, we will identify what is wrong.

Who may purchase a Permit-Check Up Inspection?

Anyone can purchase a Permit-Check Up Inspection. A buyer would definitely want to have this information. A seller can have it with their listing information. A Realtor can purchase it for their clients. You can pay in one of two ways either pay by using the e-check feature on our .pdf invoice or pay by credit card over the phone.  Payouts by escrow on a discretionary basis but it is on demand NOT on closing.

Who does the information belong to once you provide the Permit Check Certification?
The Certification will actually belong to the owner of the property.  If you have them pay the bill, they should send you a copy. Or, if they request we CC you on the email when they fill out the Permit-Check Up Request Form on the Permit-Check website, we will be happy to do so.

Is there anything a Permit-Check Up Inspection can’t tell me?

Permit-Check will not certify the exact size of rooms or structures to be IAW plans on file . Nor will it certify  that any structure meets current codes or did/did not meet the codes in place at the presumed time of construction.  Any out of code or unpermitted/non-conforming work which requires correction will NOT be corrected by Permit-Check.

What happens if the Permit-Check Up Inspection shows that the property has non-conforming work?
Dream House Drafting, Inc. will provide the homeowner with a quote to do the necessary drafting, design, measuring of the structure, permit routing, engineering services is the scope of work requires such, and serving as the contact for the Building Department during the review process. TJR Works, LLC will provide a second quote to do the necessary physical corrections mandated by the various inspectors to get the permit closed. While the owner of the property has every right to hire anyone they choose, we specialize in correcting these types of defects and we have everyone in place to make things happen. Our knowledge of the permitting process and design/construction requirements enables us to take the worry out of the After the Fact Permit Process while correcting the situation in a timely manner. We realize that Realtors act as agents for their clients but respectfully advise that unless they have work experience in the field of construction management,  it would be best to let our team handle all aspects of the project.

The only way this would be allowed, is if the Realtor has received Power of Attorney to act on the homeowner’s behalf. Notarized copies of the document would be needed for TJR Works, LLC and Dream House Drafting, Inc.’s respective files. However Realtors may wish to seriously consider their exposure to liability in such cases as we have had occasion to observe recently.

What can I do if I am a Realtor, and I have a deal in Escrow and there are requirements to get the permits closed/correct non-conforming issues before closing?

Because the work could delay closing, the best thing is to get everyone together and on the same page.  Typically this would be a total of four parties.  This can be done by conference call of in person, or a combination thereof.  Email is also workable for us.  It is best if we have a few days to find out what will be required for a given project before this meeting.  In the mean time, if you are a Realtor please note that speculation about what the work should cost can cause delays for your client and possibly cause trouble for you and your broker. Construction estimating is a very different field from Real Estate sales and in the case of After the Fact scenarios it is typically complicated by the type of workmanship done when no inspector is going to be called and lack of knowledge of building codes and other ordinances.

Sometimes, things to correct non-conforming work can be complex and expensive.  But, not correcting these things can potentially have legal ramifications.

So how does a Permit-Check Up Inspection work?

With the purchase of a Permit-Check Up Inspection we do the following:

•    Pull all the permits and drawings on file for the property at the building department

•    Physically inspect your property

•    Examine and compare the records on file with our property evaluation to confirm whether it matches official Building Department records or not.

•    Present you with our findings and recommendations

•    Inspections and evaluations are done by either a Licensed General Contractor or an Architectural Design Professional.

What’s the cost for a Permit-Check Up Inspection?

The fee for an Permit-Check Up Inspection is $400 for homes up to 2,000 square feet.
-For every  1,000 square it will be an additional $100 front loaded and not prorated.


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