Permit-Check’s Very First Blog Post


Today is the day! Everyone at Permit-Check is excited to introduce the very first permit-blog.
Permit-Check has made great strides  in supporting and aiding our clients. We have listened to our customers and have come up with some helpful services aimed to alleviate as much as possible, the stress and pains in the process of making safer, stronger and healthier homes.


Permit-Check stands out above other home inspection companies.  We go beyond the average and provide complete disclosure which can give needed peace of mind to buyers and realtors.  For the sellers it can give them the confidence  in knowing that their home is safe for others to buy.


How is Permit-Check different from other companies??

Permit-Check, LLC  is an  original & unique  business, which came about from the great need for After The Fact Building Permits (AFBP). Permit-Check  was formed by Janyce Myrland of Dream House Drafting, Inc. and Tadd Rienstra of TJR Works! Permit-Check is not the typical run of the mill, permit router company. Our company provides detailed information with an actual on site inspection.


How Does It Work??
First we gather general information from you and/or your client such as: Name and Address. An appointment will be scheduled and payment for the services will be provided at that time or on the day of the site inspection.  We  do a lot of research and go through  all the property records  looking for whatever plans and permits that are available. Any documents found will be compared with the on site inspection which includes  all the structures on a property.
All of this effort leads  up  to  a comprehensive report containing photographs, highlighted floor plans and a recommended plan of action from our General Contractor at TJR Works! and our Architectural Design Professional from Dream House Drafting.


We work with the best in the business to have a  design/ build package made especially for our clients.  We can address the multi-faceted needs of our communities. Whether its for the Home Buyers and Sellers, Realtors, or those who need an addition or a remodel. We also specialize in designing and building brand new properties.


Our company has seen all  kinds of  different situations . We are knowledgeable  about the permit process and have an understanding of  how to deal with the  stressful, unpleasant and difficult circumstances that many buyers and sellers have experienced.


How much does a Permit-Check Up Inspection Cost?
It’s $400 for the first 2,000 sq ft of structure plus tax.  If a property has more than 2,000 sq ft of structure  it’s $100 for each additional 1,000 sq ft  with tax .


We Have A New Company!

Recently we have added another company to the Permit-Check Family of Companies: Home Checkup. Home Checkup is our brand new full service home inspection company that has a variety of  extra services including the opportunity to add an Permit-Check Up Inspection.

You can also  order in the near future an Infrared Scan of  the property which will show if the house has internal issues such as overheating and moisture.

There will also be other services provided for your property which can include a  Home Health Checkup and  a  Home Energy Checkup.


Home Health Checkup is for full sample mold and allergen testing.

Home Energy Checkup  evaluates  your home energy usage and applies measures to help your property become more energy efficient.

You can  also  order  a Preliminary Cost Estimate which provides  a general idea  of the cost of anything  found on the property that needs to be corrected.

There is  a variety of packages to choose from. These services can be bundled  or ordered a la carte.

Call 808-445-9588 or visit us on the web at :


In the coming  permit-blogs we will not focus so much on Permit-Check the company, but will delve into the issues that made Permit-Check a necessity.  Some of theses questions will be addressed:


When is a Building Permit required?


Why would I need a Permit- Check Up Inspection?  What kind of things will a Permit-Check Up Inspection  tell me?


If I find out that there’s unpermitted work on my property, whose responsibility is it to fix it?  The previous owner or the current owner?


The answers to all these questions and more is to come on Permit-Check’s blog. So check back soon!












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