Just One Of The Many Reasons Why A Permit-Check Up Inspection Is So VALUABLE!

Shed roof -needs to be demolished.

Shed roof is one of the 19 issues found.  It’s attached to the fence and needs to be demolished

Recently Permit-Check did a Permit-Check Up Inspection (PCUI) request from a buyer that had very specific criteria to fill. This client was interested in buying a house on Oahu. The buyer wanted to know if there were any underlying issues on the property. As the PCUI was taking place it became readily apparent, that there were numerous problems and areas of concern on the property. If bought, the buyer would be stuck having to deal with the impact and residual effects of unpermitted work.



This particular property is historic for setting a new record in Permit-Check history! It has the most issues found, on an individual property to date. Permit-Check found 19 individual issues of concern most of which, would not have been discovered until AFTER the buyer had bought the property. Needless to say the buyer decided 19 issues was just too much to handle and walked away from the property.  The picture above shows an illegal shed roof that has been added to the house and infringes on the setback.  The roof is hanging on the neighbors side of the fence, in fact the roof is  resting on the fence.




Neighbors roof on the property line

Roof resting on the neighbors fence



another angle of illegal shed roof

Corrugated metal roof scabbed onto rear left corner of home. Has to be removed it infringes on the setback


Enclosed Lanai can only be accessed from the bathroom.

Enclosed room can only be accessed from the bathroom.


Picture above shows a room that can only be accessed through the bathroom.  Enclosed room does not meet egress code requirements. Therefore the room has limited functional use. It will have to be designated as storage only.


Room that can only be reached through a bathroom. Must no be designated as storage use only

Enclosed lanai converted to a room.  This room can only be reached through a bathroom. Must be designated as storage use only



Second Floor patio slider with no deck or guard rail at the exterior. This is a major safety concern!

Some issues may seem minor but others are downright dangerous. The picture above  shows a patio slider that is on the second floor. The decking had been taken out and there is no guard rails in place.  There is no safety restraint of any kind!  This is so scary and an accident  just waiting to happen!


PCUIR’s ( Permit-Check Up Inspection Reports) save people time and money.  Our client could have easily bought a money pit and could have been in the hole for years to come. We see this happen all too often when the house of your dreams turns into a nightmare.  Save yourself from bad dreams. Get A Permit-Check Up Inspection!


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