Permit Check-Up Inspections include the following:

  • Pulls all the permits and drawings on file for the property at the building department
  • Thoroughly inspects your property
  • Examine and compare the records on file with our property evaluation
  • Present findings
  • Drawings included at an additional cost
  • A Preliminary Cost Estimate is also included in the report

**All of our inspections and evaluations are done by a Licensed General Contractor and Expert Draftsman

COST: $400

 **Up to 2000 square feet. Every 1000 square feet after that is an additional $100

Types Of Problems We Help Identify

In Hawaii it is common for homes to contain work that was not properly permitted or discrepancies in records that can hold up or ruin your real estate deal.  We help you navigate the complicated permitting process and come up with attainable solutions by carefully researching and  identifying problems, then consulting you on your options to correct it. Some of the issues that are  found frequently are:

  • Un-permitted work
  • Wall/fence property lines
  • Building doesn’t match building department/ tax office records
  • As-Built work. Actual construction varies from the permit pulled for it.




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